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Louise has run her self catering agency in Edinburgh for 24 years.


I love Edinburgh and fear for the city now.

I’ve worked in this industry for 24 years. I employ 5 people and my business supports many other small businesses. I provide a vital service for Edinburgh, accommodating blue chip companies, film companies, Festival performers, locals, family members, consulate staff etc. As well as visitors to the city. These people will not stay in hotels.

I am a mother of two young children. I’ve invested 24 years of blood, sweat and tears into my business and I'm bloody proud of it. We’ve self regulated, insisting on safety certification. We don’t use lockboxes, don’t advertise sofa beds and all our bookings are direct. We help resolve stair repairs etc. Yet we as quality professional and trusted local agents are being treated in the same way as the bad operator of a party flat. Why haven't Edinburgh Council got our back and got behind us professionals providing a vital service in the city and understood that Dickins are very different from a rogue Airbnb operator?

I love Edinburgh and fear for the city now. Edinburgh needs a wide range of accommodation, not just hotels. The future of Edinburgh's Festivals are now in doubt. That is just crazy. What city would risk the jewel in its crown?

I have no idea what I’ll do if my brilliant business is no longer sustainable. But I certainly don’t have enough savings to retire. My families future is at risk and that is causing me many, many sleepless nights.

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