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Susan has owned and tried to operate self catering properties in the Highlands for 3 years.


I am trying to expand my business into self catering and I have been unable to open for this summer season due to being unable to get an electric meter installed due to so many companies unwilling to take on new customers due to the energy crisis they have said… I am sat with 2 rather expensive pod/lodges without power and with the new license requirements I may not even be able to trade this winter (if I get a meter) as it states that if your not trading prior to October I can’t take any bookings until a license is issued.

I’ve gone through all the correct procedures to put these in place yet others in the area have put pods in gardens etc without planning and connecting via the house for water, waste & electricity. I have had to spend a large amount of money to do things correctly and feel I’m getting penalised.

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